Kansas Researchers of Unexplained Phenomenon (KRUP) are dedicated to helping the community research paranormal activity and are committed to authenticating evidence. KRUP is closely linked with Catch a Ghost Paranormal Equipment and through those means, plus other technology availabile, we are able to conduct investigations in hopes of offering those experiencing paranormal activity a better understand of what is occurring.

We are a Hays paranormal society and researchers. We have the only old school for paranormal research in the Hays, Kansas, region. We have over 30 years experience in the paranormal and metaphysical field. We have no hype agendas or gimmicks, just real experience that will be a benefit if you are needing help with the unexplained. Our old school that is over 100 years old in 2016 allows us to have a controlled environment to research topics of the paranormal so that we can better understand situations to help our clients. We also offer exercism, house clearings, and education for the general public as well as holding public investigations to haunted locations so that the public can try their hand in this fascinating field of the paranormal. One of our public investigatins takes place at the Historic Fort Hays (Ft Hays).

A young girl responds "yes" to the investigator's question "Are we disturbing your chair?" at Midland Hotel.



Face appears in a window at an old flour mill. The second image shows a close up of the face in the window comparing it to two photographs of the mill's owner. See a comparison? (Click on image to see photos larger.)



Location: early 1900s barn - a man's voice is heard responding to questions about affiliations to secret societies.






May the frequency of peace and love be with you!

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